Arte e Artigianato, con un Po 'di Magia

(Art and Craft, with a little Magic)

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

TERRANOVA - Parte Terza

Rolling Stock;
   I took a break from track and scenery to build three flatcars to a "standard" home-shop design. I stole the basic design from Si Harris (Modelearth), made them from wood, and narrowed them for use with my 32mm gauge track. I cut the wood parts (clear pine) on my table saw, made lap-joint siding (using the techniques of Rich Chiodo), and made and cast my own journals and other hardware. Wheels are from the Train Department.
   Instead of the more traditional stake pockets, these cars use hold-down-rings to tie down loads. Also notice that most of the journals have the NNENGMRRA signature pine tree logo on the lid. These journals are mixed-n-matched with a more plain "Hudson-ish" design. Does anyone recognize the significance of the car number sequence? The red mark is a paint spill.