Arte e Artigianato, con un Po 'di Magia

(Art and Craft, with a little Magic)

Thursday, February 22, 2018

"Lo Zampognaro" Part 6

     I have added some color to the figure, and finished his "felt" hat. I still have to blend and work with the colors, make a few minor revisions, and add more details. I just thought I would let you see how he's coming along.

"Lo Zampognaro", Part 5

  I have just found several examples of "Lo Zampogna" being played. It is used most extensively for traditional Christmas songs, and there are plenty of examples on YouTube. Here are a few...  "Godere! "  (enjoy)

Meanwhile, We're off on a one-month "research" trip to Italy!


"Lo Zampognaro", Part 4    (from 2/17/18)

  I have almost finished the sculpting on this figure. I also fabricated his "Zampogna" (bagpipes) by turning the pipes from hardwood and forming the "goatskin" bag from clay. Some extra drone pipes hang from his belt. I am now working on a traditional Italian shepherd's hat, and will begin adding coloring, details, and hair soon.



"Lo Zampognaro", Part 3    (from 1/25/18)

  I have begun work on the head. I am trying for a caricature, with inspiration from trolls, gnomes, and Dizzy Gillespie (puffy cheeks). I covered the armature (below) with Poly Clay, and freelanced the face and details. The eyes are glass, from He's still a little "crumby", and needs a little more work, but he's coming along. Next I'll be working on the body, and "La Zampogna", the bagpipes.

      h4      h5   



"Lo Zampognaro", Part 2    (from 1/15/18)

   Today I completed "bulking-up" the armature, using aluminum foil covered with epoxy-putty. This gives a better idea for the shape and size of the figure, and reduces the amount of polymer clay that will be required. It also helps me to posethe figure before I get too much detail on him, risking damage. The head is removable, so I can work onit separately, and I will soon make removable hand armatures too.ac1   ac3


"Lo Zampognaro", Part 1    (from 1/6/18)

     Today I have started a new, large fantasy figure sculpture. I call him "Lo Zampognaro"; a musician who plays La Zampogna,a type of bagpipe made from goatskin, and traditionally played in parts of Southern Italy.

     In this case, he will be a "sort of" Troll/Gnome caricature, and was inspired by the creations in the stop-motion movie "Boxtrolls", and the work of Montreal artist Jean-Baptiste Monge. So far, I have constructed an armature from 8-32 threaded rods, copper wire, nuts, and bits of brass sheet. It stands about 12 inches tall. The arms are copper wire, for ease of posing later, and the brass tab on his hip is to attach him to a stand while I work on him..Next, I plan to bulk-up this framework with tinfoil, 
epoxy putty, and wire. Here's what I have, so far...

a1   a2