Arte e Artigianato, con un Po 'di Magia

(Art and Craft, with a little Magic)

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

"Lo Zampognaro" Part 7, the end, for now.

     I have finally gone back to complete my "Zampognaro" figure. He is now looks more like an Italian Shepard, I hope, with wrapped leggings and no hat. Also, he is now holding a new and improved Zampogna (bagpipes) with the pipes made by my friend Lello Pallumbo, in Italy. Notice that the Right Arm is articulated and moveable, the Left Foot taps to the beat, and the Head turns too. His hands are cast in silicon rubber on a wire armature, so the fingers can flex for animation.
     I also made a base for him to stand on as he plays. He is now ready for filming, and I hope to do some Stop-Motion-Animation with him some day soon.

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  1. Really nice job, Carlo, can’t wait to see him come alive!